September 1, 2010,

Good morning everyone,

Sometimes we pray but we do not always realize that even while we pray the Lord is at work in the situation.

Every week there seems to be a report on the Mexican Drug Trade. Yes, it is still powerful but progress is being made on a daily basis.  President Felipe Calderon has accomplished more in the last 3½ years than any other president in the last 20 years. 

A few days ago Edgar Valdez, an important leader in the Beltran Leyva drug gang has been captured in Mexico. He is an American citizen and nicknamed “The Barbie” because of his fair complexion. He is eligible to be extradited to the USA where there is a 2 million bounty on his head. 

In July, Ignacio Colonel another drug king from a rival gang was killed by Mexican soldiers. The Arrellano Feliz drug cartel which was based in Tijuana and in the 1990’s responsible for most of the drugs coming into the San Diego area has been dismantled. The brothers ruling this gang were either killed by police or captured in Mexico and in the USA

In the last few days over 3,500 Mexican Federal police officers have been arrested for various causes of misconduct. 1,000 have been charged with corruption in connection with the drug cartels.  Yes, we have seen much violence in the last 3½ years, but this violence is due to rivalry among drug cartels or drug gangs.  Yes, 28,000 have been killed in the last 3½ years since President Calderon has declared war on the drug trade. 

Unfortunately, some innocent people have been killed.  On November 4th, 2008, the husband and son in law of my friend Dora Sainz were killed standing on a corner in downtown Tijuana waiting for a green light when two rival drug gangs opened fire.  But, the reality is that most of these 28,000 casualties were connected one way or the other to the drug cartels.

In Mexico, the President is only allowed one term of six years.  The same party can be re-elected, but the President is always replaced. President Calderon has only 2½ years left on his term.  Please continue to pray that in the little time he has left, he will be successful in paralysing the efforts of these infamous drug cartels.

Revival will come to Mexico and it will start in Tijuana.  Local Christians that have started Oraciones para Tijuana, (Prayers for Tijuana) and many churches are joining in to pray for Tijuana and it’s residents.  Please join with them for the deliverance and salvation of this border city which as you all know, is so close to my heart.

Thank You and have a blessed day,

Rev. Denise Deschamps,

Tender Loving Care Children Ministries

“The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and He adds no trouble to it.”