November 7, 2009

Good morning everyone,

I came home yesterday after spending a wonderful month with Pastors Martin & Angel and their wives Claudia and Conchita, my dedicated team of volunteers and those precious kids in our three TLCCM stations.  I received an injection of encouragement to continue with the calling on my life.  On a Saturday morning in Centro de Amor, I was up front talking to the kids and as I looked around, I saw many of “our kids”, the ones that for so many years grew up under Roger’s and my care, now all grown up themselves, standing among the present day kids as “my helpers”. I felt so privileged to see the fruit of our labour.  I thanked them for being so faithful!  As always, I had a meal with my team, a time of fellowship. I also had a Word from Lord for them.  It was a message out of 1 Samuel 17, called “Hero in the Faith”!  In my eyes all these precious volunteers are heroes in the faith!

The amazing thing is that whenever I’m there, the connection with the present day kids is as awesome as the connection we had with the kids that were in our TLCCM program until 2005.  

I asked Luis, who has been on the drums or the keyboard since he was 12,  to review a song we used to sing with the kids years ago. The workers wrote down the words on cardboard sheets. I proceeded to sing this song with the present day kids.  I wish all of you could have been there to see the results. The skies broke open and the Holy Spirit fell on us and the entire room erupted with voices of praise and worship.  It was absolutely awesome!  In English this song would be called “The eyes of faith.”

We sang it again on Sunday morning. I know our visiting Youth Group from Elora Road in Guelph were all blessed.  They sang “Open my Eyes”.  Again, it was amazing to see the kids and the workers start to sing the Spanish version.  It was like we had rehearsed this song together……absolutely amazing.  It just goes to prove that whenever the Holy Spirit is present there are no language barriers. Amen!

The Youth Group helped serve the kids their meals and played with them both in Centro de Amor and the next day at our Feeding Station in Terrazas del Valle.  They also donated funds to help us build a retaining wall on the Feeding Station property.  They were a great blessing for TLCCM.  Thanks Merf for bringing this team!

The Feeding Station is doing awesome.  We feed an average of 135 children per day.  I went often to help feed the kids and spend time with them. At this present time, TLCCM could not financially do this on it’s own.  I am so very grateful my home church Centre Réveil International in Orléans, who are presently sponsoring most of the kids coming for a daily meal.  Thank you also for some of you who also have recently joined in to help TLCCM with this Breakfast Program.  The original plan was to have a Feeding Station for school aged kids…..but, these same kids bring their little brothers and sisters.  Moms with toddlers come to the door and ask us to feed their little ones………..what can we do?  We feed them all! Daily, the Lord provides!  Working together for the good of the children and the glory of God, that’s what it’s all about!

I had a gift distribution and every child in our TLCCM program received a present.  Again, it was the Lord pulling many of you together to help me with monies to buy shampoo, hair brushes, socks and coloring books.  I also received donations of 500 precious Spanish illustrated booklets (The best Story in the World), pencils, coloring markers, new toys for toddlers and many, many stuffed animals.  Thank you to each and everyone that helped me with this gift distribution.  You were all a great blessing!

Our 1990 Ford van died while they were bringing me back to the USA.  Therefore, the next day I had no transportation to go to the Feeding Station. Roger never permitted me to go across alone, so I got Kathy and Claudia to come with me.  I got some Mexican Insurance and I thought, Lord, here I go, please take care of me.  He did! It was awesome! 

A few days later, as I was waiting at a red light in San Diego, I thought……! Lord, I know this is You helping me every minute of every day.  On my own, I could not do any of this.  I can feel your strength being poured out into me on a daily basis.  I began to sing out loud, there at the red light……….when suddenly I heard the sound of a horn from the car behind me………oopps! It was time to move on. Ah!ah!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, emotional and financial support.  I appreciate and love all of you.  Have a great weekend.


Rev. Denise Deschamps,
Tender Loving Care Children Ministries
Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name, welcomes me.  Mark 9:37