Tuesday May 11, 2010

Our new kitchen in Centro de Amor

The Lord is so faithful! In 2009 we had a leaking roof problem in our kitchen in Centro de Amor. But, like everyone else, TLCCM was affected by the economic downturn. There was no money to do the necessary repairs.

In January 2010 during a thunderstorm, the wind lifted the roof and threw it on the ground. After several days of torrential rains our kitchen was completely destroyed. My team started to rebuild with cement blocks.

When I arrived on the scene in February, I was completely shocked to see the primitive state of our kitchen. Our TLCCM workers were working in a dark room with no running water and no electricity. Part of the room had no cement floor. It was actually dangerous for my precious ladies. Pastor Martin knew that the TLCCM finances were limited, therefore he had not told me about the “extra needs” necessary to finish the kitchen.

I consulted with two of our TLCCM Board members who were visiting me at the time. Renovations started immediately. Water was installed, the cement floor was redone, new light fixtures were installed, the room was painted and a metal door and windows were ordered.

Then, the workers were to build new wood shelves to store the equipment, BUT, in April, the Lord came in to finish the project.

A Mexican non profit organization called Pastor Martin and asked if he could use some kitchen cabinets!!!!! Within a week our new kitchen cabinets were installed. TLCCM bought a laminate countertop. A sink was also installed.

I saw the results of some the renovations before I came home in late March. But, I must admit that when they sent me the pictures of the completed project, I sat at my computer and cried tears of joy. If I had not seen the primitive state of our kitchen with my own eyes, I would not have believed that this was the same room.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever.”
Psalm 107:1(NIV)