Ministering the Love of Jesus in Mexico

July 2016 Sponsor Update

Good morning everyone,

I hope your summer is going well and that everyone is taking some time off to enjoy life, family, friends and summer holidays. I am presently in Tijuana, I arrived on June 28th. I am here until August 16th.

Everyone here is doing well. As a team we are getting ready for 10 days of our annual Vacation bible school program starting on July 25th. Every year, our VBS program attracts a total of between 1,800 to 2,000 children. A team of young adults from my church in Orleans is coming down to help.

The kids are now on summer vacation, so less are coming to our feeding stations because they go to spend time with family in other parts of this city or even out of town. Both feeding stations are open 3 days a week and on weekends during the 6 weeks of summer vacation.

For a few months, Pastor Martin had some difficult health issues. In May he had to have surgery to remove his gallbladder. During the surgery, one of the surgeons by mistake made an unnecessary incision. There was so much bleeding that he needed 2 blood transfusions. Now, praise God he is doing really well and enjoying being back in the pulpit.

In Terrazas del Valle about 4 blocks from the church/feeding station, 12 shacks burnt down. People were left with the clothes on their backs. In several of these families, most of the parents do not come to church but the children come to our feeding station and church services. Pastors Martin & Claudia along with some of our leaders took time to bring food and clothing to all of those families. It was a powerful witness to the love of God for these families.

Also, in Terrazas the adult services are attracting more and more adults. On Wednesday evening we have between 55-70 adults and 60-80 kids. The kids have their own program while the adults are taught the Word of God. Then, adults and children receive a meal and most Wednesday some groceries to take home. I help Pastor Martin with teaching and praying for the people. We also have, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon services for the adults in Centro de Amor. In both locations, the children have Sunday School @ 11:00 on Sunday mornings. When I am here, I make sure that the buildings are well maintained and necessary repairs are made in timely fashion. I have 4-6 young guys that are always ready and happy to paint or do repairs for me.

I have a team of workers that are beyond fantastic. They are dedicated, respectful and loving. In unity, they all work as volunteers. TLCCM supplies them with soap, shampoo, socks and other necessities.

Our annual golf tournament was a big success. If you are interested in a mission trip, please contact me via email. A mission experience changes one’s life forever. (

Please keep all of us in your prayers for strength, health, wisdom and peace of mind soul and spirit for the upcoming summer activities.........and patience! You are all loved and appreciated.


Denise , Pastors Martin & Claudia and our team of workers