July 9, 2010

Good day everyone,

I pray that all of you are doing well on this cloudy July day. TLCCM is doing well. The renovations in Centro de Amor are finished. Our new kitchen looks beautiful and a is miracle from the Lord (see our testimony and slideshow). We have also added two classes and a room near the kitchen that is used as a small warehouse.

The renovations of "our TLCCM" apartment in Rosarito is going well. The ladies section and my room are done. I'm working with Pastor Angel to plan the renovations for the men's section. Pastor Angel and his wife Conchita, moved upstairs a few years ago in order to have more privacy. They have kindly accepted to let TLCCM renovate and use the bottom part of their little house to accommodate teams that will come to experience the mission field.

I am leaving in a few weeks to spend 17 days with my team and the children. Some precious ladies will join me for the last 11 days to experience a mission trip. They will help with our Vacation Bible School programs. They will help feed the children at our feeding station in Terrazas del Valle, where we are feeding an average of 175 kids five days a week. They will assist in one of our regular Saturday morning service. We will also have a gift distribution in every location.

The construction of the second floor in Terrazas is going well. The walls surrounding the entire structure are more than half-way done. The Lord has already provided good strong Canadian men that will come early in the fall and help to put the roof on the structure. This will give us an additional two classes. Also on the second level is the little apartment built in 2008 which is now occupied by one of our young couples.

This gives them a place to live and helps keep the property safe from vandals. Earlier this month, Pastor Martin started a Sunday morning service for adults, in Terrazas, while the children attend their normal service. Until the classes upstairs are ready, the adults sit outside on wooden benches under an old plastic tarp.

But, the glory of God is in this place. We have seen 7 salvations in a few weeks. Glory to the Lord, who is so faithful to provide. Please continue to pray for all of us.

The following are a few prayers needs:
  • Strength for my workers, summer is a very busy time.
  • New sponsors for our feeding station program in Terrazas. We have sponsors for 100 kids. We really need more sponsors for that program. No child is being turned away, we are funding the extra expenses through our general funds.
  • Strength and wisdom for myself and my board of directors. As the ministry grows we all have more responsibilities.
  • Prayers for our VBS programs. We are hoping to reach many new kids with the love of God and bring them to His salvation power.
  • We also need 2 vans to transport the kids and the workers. The van for Rosarito will also be used to transport teams coming down to help us.
  • Funds to help us pay for the roof in Terrazas.
  • Of course, for the finances for the summer months. This is the time we have the most outreaches, but often the time when less funds come in.

If some of you are interested in a mission experience, please contact me either through email or at 613-834-9045.

I thank all of you for your love, faithful support and for your prayers. I love and appreciate you. Have a good summer everyone. Stay safe.

Denise xx

Rev. Denise Deschamps,
Tender Loving Care Children Ministries

The Lord Himself watches over you! Ps.121:5a