Feb 2, 2010

Dear family, friends and partners,

Thank you for your prayers for the kids, their families and our TLCCM workers during the last few weeks.  Although they still have some rain, the torrential rains have stopped and so have the high winds.  I am so grateful to the Lord for His mercy and protection over all of my Mexican family.  Some got wet, but everyone is safe and secure. PTL. !

My leaders in our three stations fed and gave out rice, beans and clothing to as many families as possible.  Unfortunately, in Centro de Amor two of our classrooms were destroyed. The high winds lifted the roof right off the building and the rain ruined the drywall.  

Pastor Martin and the men of the church have torn everything down so nobody would get hurt by the debris.  They managed to save most of the roof.  As of Feb. 11th, I will be onsite. We will then assess the situation and start rebuilding as soon as possible.

This time the structure will be made of cement blocks instead of drywall.  These classrooms were built by a Christian ministry years ago. We always were grateful to Amor Ministries for the donation of their time and material. 

I will be with my workers and the children until March 25th.  Leslie is graduating from the University of Tijuana on March 18th.  I will update you while I’m on the mission field. For those of you who are on Facebook, I will update the TLCCM page on a regular basis (go to my page, section Info, scan down until you see Tender Loving Care Children Ministries and click). You can also always reach me via email.  

Please continue to pray for the TLCCM leaders, workers and of course, the children.

Take care everyone,