August 29, 2010

Good morning everyone,

The Lord is good and worthy to be praised! I hope all is well with all of you. TLCCM is doing well and exciting things are happening. I had an absolutely wonderful trip in Mexico. It was 17 days of non-stop work but so very very rewarding.

Upon my arrival in Rosarito, I worked with Pastor Angel to finish the last details in the ladies side of our TLCCM apartment (hanging drapes, setting up the kitchen with dishes, pots/pans ect.) before my team of ladies arrived a week later. My small but comfortable room is also my field office, including the internet. I feel right at home in Rosarito. Pastor Angel and his wife Conchita take really good care of me.

My leaders and workers did a wonderful job of preparing our annual Vacation Bible School program. With a western theme, we all had to wear our cowboy hats/scarves (no guns). Everything was decorated accordingly. It took a month of preparation to design, build, cut and paint every item. Every piece was designed so that it could be lifted up and transported to the next location. In Rosarito, we even had “Rocky” a real horse who was happy to provide some rides, and eat all the hay the kids would feed him.

In 14 days we did our 3 TLCCM locations. The total attendance was 2,831 kids including 125 new decisions for Jesus. Everyday started and ended with a worship session. Because of the amount of children attending, Pastor Claudia had a rotation schedule including a session of each of the following: bible study, bible memorization, craft, puppet presentation and a meal.

On the final day of the program each child received a gift, veggies, canned goods, toilet paper, kleenex & other small items. All of our teenagers received a bag of toiletries for which they were very grateful. The veggies and canned goods were donated by a Mexican Foundation. Toiletries, toys, and other items came from the donations received from a truck of blessings donated by the International Church of Las Vegas. TLCCM bought illustrated New Testaments and various bible stories/coloring books. Every child also received the Spanish version of the Story of Jesus.

The ladies from Ottawa thoroughly enjoyed their trip. They were quickly made part of the Mexico team. The language barrier did not hinder them from ministering with my workers. They worked hard and long hours but there was unity, joy and lots of giggling especially after 9:00 p.m. I made supper with the understanding that they would set the table and clean up after afterwards. Everyone prepared their own breakfast and lunch and also cooperated to keep the apartment clean. They were absolutely great!

On Saturday July 31 st, I had a meeting with my leaders. I spoke to them about going to the next level spiritually. I committed to come more often for additional teaching and training. Afterwards, I treated them to some “Mexican Chinese” take out food. Don’t laugh, the Chinese food in Tijuana tastes much better than the one we can buy in San Diego…….and much cheaper also. In a closing prayer Pastor Martin prayed for all of our TLCCM Canadian sponsors. He also prayed for me and thanked me for being their “mom” and their leader. It was quite special.

On Saturday August 7 th, I met with the ladies that faithfully work feeding an average of 875 kids each week at our “Centro Réveil” feeding station in Terrazas del Valle. I thanked them for their dedication and for the love they show every child that walks through our doors. Each volunteer received an envelope with monies donated by ladies attending a conference at my home church back in April. They also received items from the truck from Las Vegas.

The construction of the second floor in Terrazas is on schedule. Since Mexicans are not too good at building a good roof, I will wait for the men from my church that are scheduled for a trip in October. This way, I will be assured that the work will be done adequately. The ladies coming with this group will help at the feeding station.

In Rosarito, I met with the small group who will participate in an intercession ministry. We already have a group of intercessors in Centro de Amor. With the precious help of Madeleine Lajoie, my friend, and also an intercessor, we will train both groups with teachings and buy them books on prayer. My workers understand that intercession will open the windows of heaven for their specific area. For me, as a leader, this is an awesome answer to prayer.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Pictures will follow in a separate email. I love and appreciate all of you.

Denise xx

Rev. Denise Deschamps,
Tender Loving Care Children Ministries

The Lord Himself watches over you! Ps.121:5a