Wednesday April 7, 2010

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your prayers. Sunday’s 7.2 earthquake certainly scared my Mexican family but everyone is fine.

During the night of Sunday to Monday morning there were some mild aftershocks. They told me it was a very nervous night and that they prayed a lot.

Angel and his people in Rosarito are all well. He said that it was quite a shaking and everyone went to the streets as a precaution. There was no damage to any of our structures. It appears that there was no damage anywhere in the entire city of Tijuana.

The city of Mexicali was the hardest hit as it is almost right on the epicentre. I had one of my leaders working in that city for the last year, because he could not find work in Tijuana, but the week before the earthquake he was finally able to find work in TJ and therefore was nowhere near Mexicali last Sunday.

I do believe because so much daily prayer goes up to the throne of God on behalf of the people of Tijuana/Rosarito that it provided a blanket of divine protection last Sunday. Both Martin & Angel asked me to thank everyone for your love and prayers. Thank you for being so faithful to pray for my Mexican family.

Rev. Denise Deschamps,
Tender Loving Care Children Ministries

..but in humility consider others better than yourself. Philippians 2:3b