April 28, 2009

Dear family, friends and partners,

We need your prayers for Mexico.  My plans for a summer VBS trip in August to Tijuana/Rosarito are on hold until this medical situation is over and it is again safe for me to travel to the region.  Right now, most cases of this Swine Flu seem to be located around Mexico City which is 2,000 km from TJ but many cases have also been found in central Mexico.

The entire country is on alert. Pastor informed me that they have been advised not to have any meetings inside the church, not to touch the children that seem to have a runny nose or a cold (actually they were told to isolate those children from the other kids), no hugs or kisses or sharing cups or utensils.  Some schools have been closed.  People are afraid and since most of them cannot seek medical help because of the lack of finances, many cases could go unnoticed and this is the worst way for this Swine flu to spread.  The government has advised them that at any moment they could have to close down the churches, schools and any other public place.

Also, please pray for Claudia (Pastor Martin’s wife). She is in a Tijuana hospital for observation.  Recently she fainted and had to go to the doctor. At the time, they did not want to tell me, because they did not want me to worry. But today they contacted me because they need prayer and she says she also needs the love and emotional support of her “mama”. After testing her blood they found that her sugar (glucose) level is very high and so is her
cholesterol. She also has been having some very painful headaches.

We are still waiting for the other tests results that have not come back yet. Claudia will need to lose weight. I am very concerned. This precious young lady is a dedicated worker, a real sweetheart and an “adopted” daughter of mine. Martin asked me to contact their “Canadian family” and ask all of you for your prayers for Claudia, himself and their family. 

I thank all of you for your prayers for myself and my family.  I am doing well and although missing Roger is always part of my life, with the strength of the Lord and your prayers I am able to cope on an every day basis. I thank the Lord for family and friends that invest in my life.

I keep busy with the work of the ministry.  My son Alain has taken his father’s place on the board of TLCCM and just like his dad he will be in charge of the finances. Another board member is overseeing any construction/maintenance projects in Terrazas del Valle. Another couple on our board, will be traveling with me when I need to go out of town. Another recently did a slide show of my last trip. I use this when I am speaking in churches. They say pictures are worth 1,000 words. A precious couple from my church accompany me when I speak in churches in the Ottawa area. Slowly, we are moving forward together as a team to make sure every area of the ministry is supported and developed.

The Lord is also giving me new areas of ministry.  I have started to write and soon to publish on our website lessons/studies for children’s workers in the Hispanic world.  These precious workers need encouragement and I am privileged to be able to help. TLCCM is also able to get some spiritual material and financial support into Cuba. Pastor Frank from Ashkelon, Israel, is getting lessons via email every week.  Because he is so close to the Gaza strip, regular mail and even email is sometimes difficult……but by the grace of God his little group of kids are getting fed the gospel with our TLCCM lessons. We are working to keep the website current and interesting.

Again, thank you everyone for your love and support.  I appreciate all of you and I pray for you on a daily basis.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Much love,

Rev. Denise Deschamps
and always remembering with love,
(y siempre recordando con amor)
Rev. Roger Deschamps

Tender Loving Care Children Ministries

Tijuana/Rosarito, Mexico