November 24, 2008

Dear family, friends and partners,

I hope everyone is doing well this morning.  Winter is coming but our love for Jesus will keep us warm. Next week, on Dec. 3, I will be leaving for Mexico.  I will be coming back Dec.11th.  I am going by myself but Pastor Angel & Conchita will meet me in SD. I will stay in San Diego, because of safety reasons.  Christmas is indeed a very difficult time for me this year, but spending time with my “Mexican family” will be healing for my heart.  Along with my workers, we will be doing Christmas in our 3 TLCCM locations.  In each location, we will have a time of worship and prayer and then a warm meal for the kids, workers and mothers.  Before they go home, the leaders will line up the kids, and I will personnaly give out a gift and candies to each child in every location.  I am scheduled to have a meal with the pastors, their wives and our leaders on December 5th……….but except for the pastors, nobody else knows I’m coming. The kids will receive other special warm meals for Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Dec 20th. and Dec. 31st.

I am really excited to again be able to do what Roger & I did for 15 years before we would come back to Ottawa to spend Christmas with our family.   I will also spend time with both pastors and their wives discussing various plans and needs in the months to come. I am going paying all of my personal expenses. The Lord has provided for me, like only He can! Amen. 

Please pray for safe air travel and especially for safety when I will be travelling in Tijuana.  Pastor Angel will drive me everywhere I need to go and we will avoid center town at all cost.  Please pray for our Canadian dollars to go up in value………….it really hurts our ministry funds every month when I have to convert the funds in USA funds.  The cost of the conversion could be buying lots of rice and beans. 

Every day, I thank the Lord for all of you.  I pray spiritual blessings and blessings of health, happiness and finances for each and everyone of you.

You are loved and appreciated,


P.S. You can contact me via email while I’m away as my “friendly” computer is travelling with me.


John 9:4

Rev. Denise Deschamps
and always remembering with love,
(y siempre recordando con amor)
Rev. Roger Deschamps

Tender Loving Care Children Ministries

Tijuana/Rosarito, Mexico