Name:   Leslie Saraí Millán Linares

Age: 24 years old

Date of birth: September 15, 1985

School: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico

Level: She is now in her last semester. She is studying Administration.

Remark: To achieve this level has been a long and difficult process.

Goal: To complete her education so that she can then be able to help others.

When Leslie was 10 years old her mom died. Soon after, her father remarried, but the stepmom never accepted Leslie.

She nevertheless went to grade school and started high school. In 1996, she started to attend church at Centro de Amor with pastor Martin Gomez and his wife Claudia.

Because of many problems at home over which Leslie had no control, she had to find another place to live. Pastor Martin and Claudia opened their home to her and she has been living with them ever since.

The Gomez family, have poured their lives into loving and caring for Leslie. They treat her like their own daughter. Leslie acknowledges that the Lord has used them to show her His love, faithfullness and restoration power.

During that time, through no fault of her own and for reasons she could not understand, she had quit her studies. But, a few years later, the Lord opened a door for her to complete her secondary education. Leslie testifies that these three years were difficult, but she saw God provide for her.

After high school, she took a four month course in basic english. Still not knowing what to do she decided to apply at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. She was accepted.

When it came time to start her second semester, the lack of funds was going to prevent her from continuing her studies. In September 2006, we felt that as her TLCCM family we should sponsor Leslie so she could get her University degree. Thanks to her Canadian friends, she now is able to continue her studies.

Her marks are excellent. Knowing that she has people that love her so much that they are paying her way through school is a great motivation for her to do well and succeed. TLCCM pays also for her transportation to and from school, her books and she receives a small allowance every month for her personal expenses.

Leslie will have completed all her studies by the end of November 2009. She is a most precious young lady. As a ministry we are extremely proud to be able to help her.

Thank you for your sponsorship !