Ministering the Love of Jesus in Mexico

March 26, 2011


Both vans for Pastors Martin & Angel have been purchased. It is an absolute miracle that in 3 months the Lord has supplied the funding for both vehicles.  

As a ministry we see the Lord's hand at work on a daily basis. Every year, we experience many blessings and miracles. In 2010, we received two awesome bigger miracles. These two awesome miracles were certainly the funds that came in within a 90 day period to buy vans for both Pastors Angel & Martin.

In September 2010, we bought a 2004, 15 passenger van for Pastor Angel. This vehicle is mainly used to transport teams that come down on short term mission trips. It is also used to transport the youth from Pastor Angel's church to various youth activities.

On January 6th, 2011, with funds received in November 2010, we bought a 2006, 10 passenger van for Pastor Martin. This vehicle is used daily to transport our workers to and from our TLCCM feeding station, along with the food supplies for each day. It is also used to transport food and other valuable items bought or received from across the border in San Diego.

Both vehicles are Ford Econoline 350, Heavy Duty. When we discussed buying vehicles, Denise expressed the desire for two white vans. While shopping for these vehicles we certainly had more important details to consider than the color. But, the Lord in His great kindness, gave us two white vans. He is so very faithful!

Thursday June 17, 2010

Because of Pastor Jean Turpin of Centre Réveil International in Orleans, the International Church of Las Vegas, with Pastors Paul & Denise Goulet, donated and delivered to TLCCM six pallets of much needed supplies like diapers, cleaning supplies, pots & pans, dishes, paper towels, toilet paper ect. ect. On April 22, brother Joe Rodriguez and his team drove a truck from Las Vegas to our storage in Chula Vista.

Again, when we work together, so much more can be done.

Thank You Pastor Jean & International Church of Las Vegas !

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Wednesday May 26, 2010

Luz Elvira Hernandez, 10 years old: "I will work if in return you will feed me!"

A Testimony from our “Centro Réveil” Feeding Station

On a beautiful spring morning when my precious team of ladies arrived at our “Centro Réveil” Feeding Station in Terrazas del Valle, they found a little girl sitting on the bench near the door. She arrived one hour and a half before the doors were scheduled to open. Pastor Claudia went to talk with her to inquire if there was a problem.

Luz Elvira is 10 years old. She came early to see if they had dishes to wash, floors to sweep or garbage to take out. She was willing to help if the ladies could in turn give her something to eat. Although Elvira Luz is only 10, she was willing to work to “earn” a meal.

Pastor Claudia explained to her that she could come every day except Saturday and receive a delicious free meal. Her eyes grew big and her little face lit up like a candle on Christmas morning. She asked if she could stay and wait for the other kids. Pastor Claudia invited her inside the Feeding Station. Once inside, her eyes grew even bigger. She had never seen such a big kitchen!

Pastor Claudia asked Luz Elvira if she would help her clean the tables and make sure the benches were all in their places. This was a way to get to know this little one a bit better.

Her mom is a single mom. Most to the time there is not enough money to put food on the table. Pastor Claudia then asked her why she was wearing boy shoes that were also obliviously too big for her. Elvira replied that she had a bigger brother. Because her mom does not have any money to buy her little girl shoes, they are sharing her brother’s shoes.

Pastora Claudia told me that although she sees poverty every day, this little girl broke her heart. It was quite emotional and difficult not to cry in front of this child. Over the last 20 years, we have seen many similar situations. Each new situation breaks our hearts. I asked Claudia to keep a close eye on this little girl. To also encourage her to come a little earlier and find her a few things she can do to help. This is a way to learn her trust, invite her to our Sunday Services and introduce her to JESUS, the best friend she will ever have. It will also help her self-esteem knowing that her help is appreciated.

Yes, you guessed it, I also asked Pastora Claudia that next time she goes to San Diego, to please stop at Wal-Mart and buy this little girl a pair of “girl’s shoes”.

What else are we suppose to do?

Please give! For $35.00 a month you can help feed two hungry children like Luz Elvira. Click here to open the sponsorhip form. Thank you!
Our new kitchen in Centro de Amor

The Lord is so faithful! In 2009 we had a leaking roof problem in our kitchen in Centro de Amor. But, like everyone else, TLCCM was affected by the economic downturn. There was no money to do the necessary repairs.

In January 2010 during a thunderstorm, the wind lifted the roof and threw it on the ground. After several days of torrential rains our kitchen was completely destroyed. My team started to rebuild with cement blocks.

When I arrived on the scene in February, I was completely shocked to see the primitive state of our kitchen. Our TLCCM workers were working in a dark room with no running water and no electricity. Part of the room had no cement floor. It was actually dangerous for my precious ladies. Pastor Martin knew that the TLCCM finances were limited, therefore he had not told me about the “extra needs” necessary to finish the kitchen.

I consulted with two of our TLCCM Board members who were visiting me at the time. Renovations started immediately. Water was installed, the cement floor was redone, new light fixtures were installed, the room was painted and a metal door and windows were ordered.

Then, the workers were to build new wood shelves to store the equipment, BUT, in April, the Lord came in to finish the project.

A Mexican non profit organization called Pastor Martin and asked if he could use some kitchen cabinets!!!!! Within a week our new kitchen cabinets were installed. TLCCM bought a laminate countertop. A sink was also installed.

I saw the results of some the renovations before I came home in late March. But, I must admit that when they sent me the pictures of the completed project, I sat at my computer and cried tears of joy. If I had not seen the primitive state of our kitchen with my own eyes, I would not have believed that this was the same room.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever.”
Psalm 107:1(NIV)

We are helping to spread the Gospel:

Pastor Ernesto receiving bibles
sent by TLCCM

In December 2009, Pastor Angel Diaz from Rosarito, delivered 24 Spanish bibles to Pastor Ernesto Zamarripa of Iglesia Cristiana Bethel in Cuernavaca, a few hours south of Mexico City.

Pastor Angel and his  sisters flew from Tijuana to Cuernavaca to visit their elderly mother who lives in that city. They packed the bibles in their suitcases.  Pastor Ernesto had contacted TLCCM last summer asking for bibles.  At the time, we called various organizations that sell bibles but none of them would ship to Mexico.

Pastor Angel delivered the bibles to Pastor Ernesto who was delighted to see how the Lord answered his prayers. As always, God knew the need and provided a way.  He is so very faithful!
Praise Report on TLCCM Website:  July 2007 Newsletter

Dear friends and supporters,

Roger and I are so very excited about our new TLCCM website.  As you may recall it was launched at the end of May 2007.

One of our objectives for a website was to give TLCCM some exposure and possibly help us continue to raise funds for the children of Tijuana.  Since Roger has been sick, we have been unable to speak in churches to get the necessary exposure needed to keep the finances coming in on a regular basis. Praise the Lord that so many of you have been very faithful in continuing your financial support.

The other objective was to make our TLCCM spanish curriculum for children available free of charge to any spanish speaking church or individual interested in learning or teaching the Word of God.

Over the years we have written over 350 lessons.  These lessons are divided in two groups:
a) Through the Bible which is our Sunday School curriculum, and

b) various lessons for our Bible Study curriculum.  All these lessons are complete with teacher’s instructions, copy for the students, which contains a section with questions that the children must answer.  This is an excellent way for the teacher to assess if the students have understood the lesson.  Every lesson also has a memory verse and the graphics appropriate to each lesson.

Pastors Martin and Angel are using this curriculum on a weekly basis.  But, we felt it would be beneficial to so many more Spanish speaking churches if we could make it available through our website.

In early July, our website provider provided us with the following information:

  • During the month of June, TLCCM’s website was accessed 190 times.
  • A total of 30 lessons were downloaded.  Some of these lessons were downloaded as many as 4 times each.  2 memory verses were download 5 times each.  Total for June: 77 lessons or memory verses downloaded. Praise the Lord!
  • We certainly expected downloads from Mexico, but we are happy to report that we have had downloads also from Canada, United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Chili.
We are absolutely delighted.  The Word of God is being downloaded and used to teach children in many spanish speaking countries or Spanish speaking communities in Canada and the USA.

To God be the glory. Amen.

The devil has tried to stop us, but he has not succeeded. Sickness has slowed us down, but by the grace of God, His Word and our vision for the spanish speaking people is going forward.

If you know of any spanish person, pastor, children’s worker that could benefit from this curriculum, please direct them to our website.

Thank you for your prayers for healing and restoration for Roger.  Please continue to storm heaven on his behalf. 

We are also grateful for your faithful financial support.  Forms for donation purposes can be downloaded from our website.

May the Lord bless you all as you continue to serve Him.


Revs. Roger & Denise Deschamps
Tender Loving Care Children Ministries
Tijuana, Mexico
15th Anniversary Newsletter

Dear family, friends and supporters, 

Today (June 1, 2007) is the 15th anniversary of Tender Loving Care Children Ministries.  Wow! 

All praise and honour goes to the Lord for those  beautiful 15 years. 

When we arrived in San Diego on August 19th, 1990 little we knew what the Lord had in store for us.  We were there to serve and love the Mexican people. We had gone to work with an american missionary that was already working in Tijuana and it’s surrounding areas. 

As months went by, we realized how much love the Lord was putting in our hearts for those beautiful people, especially the children.  In the same token we realized the lack of care and teaching where those children were concerned.  Every time we would be in Tijuana, these little ones would hang on and try to communicate with us.  Of course it helped that we always had treats for them. 

On our days off, we would return by ourselves to the colonias and bring sandwiches, milk, punch, and an english-spanish dictionary.  In early 1991, Roger was helping to build a church in Colonia 3 de Octubre.  That quickly became our favourite location. 

Families by the hundreds were coming to this mountain after having been forcibly removed from their homes by a rich Mexican developer who wanted their land to build condos.  These people were living in cardboard boxes or under blue plastic tarps.  The poverty and desperation was tremendous. 

While Roger would work on the construction with some of the older men and even some boys of the colonia, I would open up the back doors to our red van.  Within minutes I had a crowd of kids and adults.  Even though at the time, my spanish was very very limited, we understood each other.  Some of the moms started to help me to feed the kids peanut butter sandwiches and milk.  They also helped me to distribute clothing.  Not once did we have a problem with order.  The crowd would stay until we left go back to San Diego  around suppertime. 

After a few times I realized I needed to keep those kids busy.  I would type a memory verse out of my spanish/english bible, glue that to a page from a colouring book and then make copies.  We bought some crayons and before we knew it we were in business. 

We started to pray for opportunities to work with children.  The ministry we were working with had no vision for children’s ministry……… we prayed to the Lord all the more.  

In the fall of 1991, one morning as I was brushing my hair the Lord said: “Be prepare to go”.  We continued to look for opportunities to work with children staying where we were, but no opportunity came.  In May 1992 after months of prayer and reflection, we resigned our positions with the ministry in San Diego. 

During these months we had been in contact with our friend and the man that had previously been our pastor for nine years here in Ottawa.  We discussed with him our plans and hearts for the children of Tijuana.  Barry encouraged us to follow the calling of the Lord and even helped us in choosing a name for the ministry.   

On June 1st, 1992 Tender Loving Care Children Ministries was birth out of our hearts and we believe out of the heart of God. 

It has been an amazing fifteen years full of challenges and lots of hard work but mostly with many many personal rewards.  Over the years, the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of our dreams and labour grow and flourish has been absolutely wonderful.    

Time and again, we saw the hand of the Lord provide food, finances, favour to get across the Mexican border, healings and salvations. His faithfulness to these two canadian missionaries has been absolutely outstanding. 

Today we stand in awe of Him who has permitted us to be part of His work in Tijuana and Rosario.  He has been with us every day in the small and bigger details, in the good days and in the hard days.   

When at the end of the week the freezers and shelves at our TLCCM warehouse in San Diego were bare, the Lord was always faithful to provide food come Monday morning.  We remember one Friday afternoon having almost no food left and thinking of the week ahead……we panicked.  On Saturday morning we went and bought 300 pounds of rice and 300 pounds of pinto beans.  On Monday morning someone called us………they had food for us.  So much food, it filled the warehouse and we did not use what we had bought that weekend until  about 2 months later. 

Looking back at all the times we went across the border undetected with hundreds and hundreds of pounds of food.  Sometimes the  Mexican guards would stop us and look through the windows of the van and see nothing…………other times they would simply say “Pasale” meaning “go ahead”.  By 1995 it became harder and harder to get across without special papers from DIF the social agency, and also from the Mexican Customs (Aduana) in Tijuana.  Again, the hand of the Lord was there to help us.  He gave us favour with the man that was second in command at the Mexican Customs.  He loved children and for years he signed all the letters we needed to get food and clothing across the border. 

At one point we approached the manager of the San Diego warehouse for Keebler Cookies. After learning of what we were doing and seeing a few pictures of the children we fed, he gave us lots of cookies on a weekly basis for a number of years. In return the children would pray for Mr. Richards especially that he would give them more cookies. 

For years there was a local bakery that gave us bread every week.  When they sold their business, the new owners informed us that the unused bread was going to be thrown in the dumpster.  Once again, we started to pray.  We wrote them a letter explaining how much we needed those 1,000 loaves a week, we also included pictures of the children.  After a few weeks they changed their minds and they continued to give us bread until we came home in 2005. 

We cannot forget to mention the mexican company Delimex that gave us hundreds and hundreds of pounds of frozen mexican food every week for years.  Other missions would approach them to get food, but they would only give them whatever we could not take. 

We are so privileged to have worked with so many wonderful people.  Today, even if we cannot be there physically, our pastors and workers diligently continue the work.  Every week we talk with them and together we follow the leading of the Lord to teach and feed about 650 kids every week.   

Since 2005 we have been blessed to start two bible school programs, one in Centro de Amor in Tijuana and one in Rosarito.  A total of 37 young adults are taking the five semester courses provided by International School of Ministry.(ISOM).  Tender Loving Care Children Ministries is fully responsible for the financial costs for all of our 37 students.  

All and all it’s been wonderful and today we want to give thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness throughout these last 15 years.  

We want say a special thank you to our children, Chantal, Alain and Eric for their love and support during all the years we were away and their continued support since we have been back.

We also want to thank all of you that have faithfully prayed for us over the years.  Thank you for all you that have partnered with us financially over the these last 15 years to help us provide for the children of Tijuana. 

We can truly say that with God nothing is impossible. 

Please continue to pray for Roger’s complete healing and restoration. 

Don’t forget to visit our website at 

You are loved and appreciated, 
Roger & Denise
God works in Victor's Life
Victor came to us in Centro de Amor when he was about 14. His dad had abandon his mom, Victor and a younger brother and sister. He started to come because he was hungry and he's been with us ever since.

Because there was no money to go to school, Victor would hang around the church on a daily basis. He would help Pastor Martin with all different chores. Every Saturday he was there to help with the kids. When we came, he was always right behind Roger wanting to lift boxes and help prepare grocery bags for the children.

He was always in a good mood and never asked for anything. Because we knew of his home situation, we would always give him a bag of food to take home to his family.

In January 2005 he was trying to help a family near his home by hooking wires from their house to a high tension electrical line. His hand touched a wire and he was electrocuted. He fell from the top of post and hit his head on a rock.

It took a while before people managed to get to the church to get Pastor Martin. During this time Victor lay unconscious on the ground. Pastor Martin called the Red Cross and they finally got him to a local hospital. The youth from the church rallied together and spent the night at the hospital praying for him.

Victor after the accident in January 2005

The prognosis was not good. The doctor told Pastor Martin and Victor's mom that in the 20 years he had been in that hospital he had never seen someone who had been electrocuted in this manner live more than a day or so. He even told Victor's mom to start thinking about making funeral arrangements.

Early the next morning, Pastor Martin called us. We were devastated. What could we do except pray. Pastor Martin was on his way back to the hospital and he promised to call us later on that afternoon. 

Once he got to the hospital the doctor told him that he did not understand it, but Victor's vital signs were all normal and he was conscious, although very very weak.

Because of this the doctor told Martin that there were treatments and medicine they could give Victor but it was expensive. Pastor Martin called us collect from the hospital. Victor needed $350.00 in US funds. We immediately told him we would bring the funds to the church. (Victor was not allowed visitors except his mom and Pastor Martin).

On Monday morning they started the treatments and within a week Victor was walking. After two more weeks they let him go home. He was bandaged up and could hardly walk. The youth would go to his house and take turns carrying him to the church. On February 14th, 2005 when the church had a going away service for us, Victor sat in the front row.

Victor with Pastor Martin and Roger in 2005

Now 8 years later, Victor is married and has moved back to the southern part of Mexico where most of his family lives.

We want to give glory to God for His restoration power. Alleluia! We also want to thank our faithful friends and supporters for the faithful financial giving. Because of your generosity, Tender Loving Care Children Ministries was able to help Victor at his time of need. Victor knows that his friends in Canada are the ones that financially assisted in his recovery. He is most grateful.

Victor in February 2007