Ministering the Love of Jesus in Mexico

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Serving Children of Tijuana, Mexico
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25 years of ministry in Mexico

Serving the Poor Children in Tijuana, Mexico

In our two Tender Loving Care Children Ministries (TLCCM) stations in Tijuana, Mexico there is a real need for sponsors for our Bible Clubs and Feeding Program. Please help a group of children by sponsoring one of our stations. This sponsorship will provide each child in the program with spiritual material on a weekly basis. It will also provide many needy Mexican children with often their only meal of the day, on Saturdays and Sundays. Nutritional food both in the natural and in the spiritual are essential if the children are to follow Jesus, learn at school and stay healthy. To find out more please go to our Sponsorship Programs page.

Invitation to the 2017 Annual Golf Tournament

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Remembering Roger

March 14th. 2008, I, along with my children, Chantal, Alain and Eric, lost the most precious person in our family. Roger was a good dad, a great grandpa, a loving husband, but most of all he was a man of God.

Missing him never goes away, but every day we honor his memory by living our lives to the fullest, because that is what he would want us to do.

Unexpected water damages

Dear friends, partners and family,

During the torrential rains in January, we suffered water damage to the roof and inside of our building in Terrazas del Valle. Repairs are very expensive, but they must be done immediately to avoid additional damages.

With the low value of the Canadian dollar and the exchange rate, it increases the cost of repairs to about $11,500.

It is not my practice to ask for additional financial assistance from our TLCCM partners, but with these expensive repairs, if you can help us, it would be a great blessing.

Thank you and have a great day
Denise Deschamps

Important Notices  


    June 16th. 2017 @ 12:00 p.m. Block off that date now. We want to see you again in 2017 (more details available in early 2017).
  • Comedor Réveil #2 Official Opening

    Thank you to all of you who have supported this very special project. Watch a slideshow
  • In Honour of Roger

    Honouring Rev. Roger Deschamps (1941-2008) co-founder of TLCCM.

You can make a difference  

Our TLCCM Feeding Stations continue to be a blessing to many hungry children.

Andrea Cleans Her Plate! In 2013, we served 108,000. My goal for 2014 was to serve 110,000 meals. In 2014, we served 125,800 meals. This was possible only because of God’s faithfulness and the faithful financial support of our TLCCM partners.

Our two feeding stations are situated in Terrazas del Valle at Iglesia Centro Reveil-Campus Tijuana, operating since July 24, 2009. The second feeding station is in Cerro Colorado #3 in El Florido, at Iglesia Centro de Fe & Amor, operating since October 8, 2013. Both stations are expertly managed by Pastors Martin & Claudia Gomez.

From Tuesday to Friday, my amazing team of ladies feeds 300 kids each day. In 2015 we added an early breakfast program served between 7-8 a.m. Children are welcomed to come at both meals. On Wednesday evening after a church service, we serve a meal to both adults and children in attendance. On the weekends TLCCM feeds another 300 meals. Total meals served every week is approximately 2,000 per week, simply because many of “our kids” eat a second and third serving.

For many of these children, this is their only good meal of the day. It is a great privilege for TLCCM to feed these precious children. On Saturday and Sunday they also receive teaching from God’s Word.

After 25 years, the smiles, hugs and kisses we receive from the children are still our biggest reward. It is indeed the love of Jesus in action.

We still have more kids than sponsors.  Please pray about becoming a TLCCM sponsor.

We need additional sponsors in order to continue to give these children a better chance of success……invest in their future.  Click here to get started.

Thank You!