Ministering the Love of Jesus in Mexico

2015   Return to Colonia 3 de Octubre

Today, I was finally able to return to Colonia 3 de Octubre. In 1991 people who had been evicted from their colonia settled in 3 de Octubre. Roger & were among the first christians to bring food, clothing and other items to a people that were living in cardboard boxes and had nothing to eat.

Later on, Señor Montoya, who back then was the president of the Colonia gave Roger a lot, so we could build a church. Using some of our own monies and with the help of two older men and lots of teenage boys, Roger built a church. Back then we were working with an american missionary but our vision for the people were not the same, therefore in May 1992 we left that ministry to start TLCCM.

The church was almost finished except for the roof. Over the years we had driven by a few times, but today was the 1st time I was back since Roger died. It was a very emotional day but my friends Danielle & Gérald Sarault, Pastors Martin and Claudia and Katy accompanied me. So many good memories flooded my heart and yes, I shed quite a few tears . A man from the church let us into the building. I had never seen the inside. I walked back and forth remembering the man with a big heart that had taken months to work on this project and 24 years later although he has never seen the finished product, his hard work has not been in vain.

Many people have been saved and have received ministry in the church. Roger did it for the glory of God and to help people. Now, he is receiving his reward because God never forgets what we do in secret because we love Him.