Ministering the Love of Jesus in Mexico


Our Founders


Our testimony

We were both saved In September 1981, while attending a house group bible study. At the time, Roger was in private practice as a chartered accountant and Denise was the office manager of our own firm. In the late 1980's we felt a tremendous need to do more for the Kingdom of God. In 1989 after a trip to Tijuana Mexico, we felt the Lord's calling to this very poor nation. (Genesis 12:1). In 1990, we sold everything we had and on August 2nd, we left for the mission field.

On a daily basis we saw the great needs of the children, both in the natural and spiritual. Tender Loving Care Children Ministries was born June 1, 1992. We fed the kids and taught them the Wordof God. We had feeding stations and food distributions in several areas of Tijuana. On a weekly basis, we were helping an average of 1500 children.

It soon became overwhelming for only the two of us. We prayed to seek the Lord's guidance. The solution was to train the nationals to help their own. In 1995, at the request of local Mexican pastors, we began to write and distribute our own Spanish curriculum for Sunday School Services and weekly Bible Studies. For years, we made 5,000 copies a week, that where then distributed in 24 shanty towns in and around Tijuana. A good meal was always provided after each church service. We also distributed bread, rice and beans so the kids could take those home to help feed their families.

In 2000, Roger started having health problems, first with his eyes (2 retina detachments). We remained on the field although we had to reduce the workload. Then, in 2002 came the nightly headaches. Those got so bad that he was getting very little sleep. By the end of 2003, he was physically exhausted. In January 2004, after months of prayers and seeking the Lord, Roger felt the Lord telling him that it was time for us to "Go back Home".

We certainly did not want to abandon “our” people or the ongoing work. We proceeded to give our workers additional training. TLCCM provided them with computers and printers. This enabled them to continue the teaching of the Word of God. Over the years we have written over 350 Sunday School or Bible Study lessons, all of which were copied to their computers. We assured them that we would supply the monthly financial support so they could continue the work we had started 15 years earlier. Now, five years later, with the continued dedication of pastors Martin & Angel, their wives, 40-50 dedicated workers TLCCM and the financial support of our faithful partners, TLCCM is still going strong.

In March 2005 we came home. In November, Roger, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. For 28 months, he fought like a champion. Unfortunately, he lost his battle and went to be with Jesus on March 14, 2008. (2 Timothy 4:7) But his vision for the children continues to live through Denise and the team in Mexico.

Every summer, our Vacation Bible School program attracts more than 1,500 kids. As of December 2012, at our TLCCM Feeding Station in the shantytown of Terrazas del Valle, our poorest area, we feed an average of 250-275 meals five days a week. Our weekend services attract over 350-400 children. During the year 2012 in our three locations, TLCCM served in excess of 70,000 meals.

Our Spanish curriculum is available on our website. CD’s are sent all over South America and in Cuba. Roger’s vision was to see our Spanish children’s curriculum distributed free of charge in the Hispanic world. His vision is now a reality!

I spend an average of 4 months a year on the field to supervise and encourage “my” leaders. I am self supportive, therefore 100% of the funds raised go to teach and feed the children and young adults in our program. Daily, I am encouraged that working together we accomplish God’s will to “Feed His Sheep”. (John 21:17). I am absolutely committed to continue this important work for the good of the children, in memory of my precious Roger, but most of all for the glory of our great and faithful God. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Our Team

Pastors Martin and Claudia
Rev. Denise Deschamps
Our Team !

Our Calling

Our calling is to teach the Word of God and help the children in some of the poorest colonias of Tijuana, Mexico according to Isaiah 58: 6-10

The primary purpose of our ministry in Tijuana is to bring the gospel message to the children. In our three locations, TLCCM is the only Christian ministry reaching out to children through the local church. Our church ministry consists of our TLCCM Sunday School Program, Saturday Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible School, the celebration of Valentine’s Day, the National Day of the Child & our Christmas outreaches. TLCCM freely provides all spiritual material needed by three churches in Tijuana.

Isaiah 58:10 "And if you give yourself to the hungry, and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light will rise in darkness, and your gloom will become like midday.”

TLCCM is still going strong:

  • TLCCM’s Vacation Bible School program attracts more than 1500 kids each summer.
  • In March 2010 our first TLCCM student, Leslie Millan graduated from the University of Tijuana. Since September 2010, TLCCM is sending Betty Gomez to Teacher`s College in Tijuana. Betty is the daughter of Pastors Martin and Claudia.
  • Denise continues to supervise and encourage our leaders on a weekly basis and send them monthly financial support to continue the work. 
  • Denise is ordained and is a member in good standing with Elim Fellowship since 1990.
  • Denise continues to be self-supportive and 100% of the funds raised go for teaching and feeding the children and young adults in our program.
  • TLCCM has a Board of Directors as required by Revenue Canada for a charitable status organization.

Thanks to faithful and generous financial support from churches and individuals we can continue this important work.

Most sincerely,

Rev. Denise Deschamps
and always remembering with love Rev. Roger Deschamps